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Network Vulnerability Assessment

The network or communication infrastructure of every organization is vulnerable to outside threats, interior breeches, and the accidental dissemination of information through improper storage, access, or configuration. Through viruses, worms, trojans, and bots, hackers will use all the technology at their disposal to steal your data, compromise your system, and sell your information to the highest bidder. In the digital age, a thorough assessment of all your technology: equipment, software, and processes is mandatory to achieve success and to forecast future productivity.


The greatest number of hacking attacks on a yearly basis are against small to mid-size companies and the numbers are only increasing over time. TBNG Consulting is an expert in the daily and long term security pitfalls that plague small to mid-size businesses. We defend your systems and ensure regulatory compliance through risk assessment, preventative strategy, and vulnerability remediation.

TBNG Consulting is your corporate version of the best car collision avoidance system on the marketplace highway. We safeguard your organization against current internal and external risks, ensure industry regulated compliance, and always put you in perfect position to stay on the road to prosperity.

The Challenge:

• Best of breed technology
• Comprehensive risk assessment
• Vulnerability remediation (internal and external breeches)
• Preventive strategies (policies and procedures)
• Security regulation and compliance
• Custom solutions for every budget

The Solution:

TBNG Consulting provides a comprehensive and on-demand network vulnerability security solution that entails risk assessment, vulnerability remediation, preventive strategies, and regulatory compliance. We employ top technology hardware and implement a continuous monitoring service to ensure a smooth transition to an audit, evaluation, and compliance process that works with industry regulatory policies.

Many industries require regular compliance security testing (financial services, medical establishments, e-commerce websites, publicly-traded companies, etc.) and as technology advances so will the security obligations of all businesses. TBNG Consulting is an expert in regulatory compliance and can ensure your company’s compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), GLBA, HIPAA, and PCI.

If you are a small business, educational institution, municipality, or any group looking for the best network vulnerability and compliance products and services, please contact TBNG Consulting at (855) 512-4817 or fill out the customer service form to the right to let us know how we can help you develop a security plan or evaluate your current security situation today.

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