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Network Vulnerability Assessment

Viruses, trojans, and worms are advancing at an exponential rate. The lucrative nature of hacking causes criminals to invest large sums of money and time into perfecting their techniques, leaving any system potentially unsafe. Technology downtime can translate directly to decreased productivity.

TBNG Consulting understands the critical role technology plays in every business. We can protect your systems and help ensure compliance with security regulations through a combination of risk assessment, preventative measures, and vulnerability remediation.

The Issue:

As Technology Advances, so do the Risks! Attacks against small to medium sized networks are increasing at an extraordinary rate. As a significant aspect of any IT program, security testing can help reduce network vulnerabilities, prevent attacks and mitigate the disruptions and monetary damage they cause.

The Solution:

To emphasize the significance of regular security testing, security regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), GLBA, HIPAA, and PCI all require a level of validation of technical security controls. Ensure your organization is compliant with TBNG Consulting’s manual Network Vulnerability Assessment solution.

On Demand Scan & Remediation
Additionally, TBNG Consulting partners with best of breed vendors to provide an On Demand solution; providing an internal appliance that enables organizations to close the gaps in their IT compliance and implement continuous monitoring in order to audit, evaluate and comply with industry and regulatory policies.

If you are looking into a Network Vulnerability Assessment, contact a representative from TBNG Consulting today at 1.203.933.8264.

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