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Google Fiber/TV?

First there was Google search engine, then came Google Mail (Gmail), Google Earth, Google browser (Chrome), Google Phone (Android) and Google Apps, but Google Fiber and Google TV? Yup! Google is now positioning itself to square off with TVs big players such as Comcast and ATT Uverse.  Google is now testing their Google Fiber/TV service in markets in the Midwest, specifically in areas around Kansas City.

So what’s the big deal?  Wasn't everyone who tried to enter this market before squashed by Comcast or Verizon?  What’s different about Google’s Fiber/TV service when compared to those that have failed?  The difference is that Google has the ability to deliver Gigabit internet service to your home for the same price as Comcast’s middle of the road offering. Yes I said GIGABIT, as in 1000 Megabits per second - FAST!! But Google just doesn't give you 1 GB Internet.  For $120/month (Google’s premier service) you get their fiber TV service with a couple HD boxes, up to 1 gigabit upload & download speeds, uncompressed HDTV, no data caps, a Nexus 7 tablet that acts as your remote, a TV Box, a 2TB Storage Box, a Network Box which is your fiber router and gigabit switch, and 1TB Google Drive which is Google’s cloud based storage backup solution.

Sounds like a pretty good deal right?  So what’s the catch?  Well, unless you currently live in the Kansas City area you won’t have access to this service for a while, and for most of TBNG Consulting’s service area which is the northeast, I wouldn’t advise you to hold your breath as we are firmly under the iron fist of Comcast, Verizon and ATT.  However this is Google we are talking about, the little engine that could that is now the massive engine that will, at will – so it may be available much sooner that we expect.

So who knows, maybe a year from now we will all be watching Google Morning News on Google TV over Google Fiber powered by Google Electric while eating Google’Os.

TBNG Consulting is partnered with several of the major telecommunications companies in the northeast.  Contact us today, at or at 855-512-4817, for additional information.

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