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5 Ways a Managed IT Service Provider Can Help Your Organization

When it’s time to move away from your traditional break/fix guy and your network infrastructure calls for something more than a flat network or, you simply need a change, there are many options out there.

When looking for further support or new deployments, there is always an option of utilizing a Managed Service Provider (MSP) who can provide the following services:

1. Structured Environment – a quality MSP will ensure that you have the tools and devices needed to execute on all critical work operations without interruption.

2. Business Efficiencies

  • Time - spend less time figuring out what is wrong with your machines, servers, and network and let professionals correct any issues using best practices.
  • Money - time is money and the less time you have to spend on troubleshooting your network, the time you can spend on your core competencies.
  • Time & Money – when your organization is optimized to serve your core expertise, you’ll likely generate a greater ROI from all of your resources.
3. Resource Availability - no need to hire a full time IT person. A reputable MSP offers 24-7 support. Managed IT Providers usually have a pool of engineers and technicians as part of their team. Managed IT service providers don’t call in sick!

4. Technical Expertise
  • Business Niche Knowledge – The right MSP will have industry knowledge of your business that can meet your company's needs with greater understanding.
  • Qualified field experience – reputable MSPs possess broad field experience and deliver best-practice solutions to your organization.
  • Certified – well-managed MSPs certify all staff in the products that they support and install (Microsoft®, VMware®, Brocade®, etc.)
5. Trusted Relationship
  • Building a trusted relationship with your Managed IT provider enables you to focus on your highest priorities while your IT systems are managed efficiently by an expert.
  • Intimate knowledge - over time, the knowledge of your end users, your systems, your vendors become familiar with your managed IT provider. This knowledge and relationship will help solve problems faster.
  • Wherewithal – extending IT functions beyond your walls will give your company the wherewithal and the means to focus on what you do best.
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Lou Ardolino

Written by Lou Ardolino

Louis Ardolino is the VP of Client Services at TBNG Consulting.


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