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Why are Backups Important

Computers have become a main part of all our lives. They faithfully memorialize our life events such as weddings, births and interesting vacation pictures. It stores our company's books, and the ceaseless emails we get and send.  But, unless you back it up, all that data can be gone in a flash of lightning!

Computers themselves are becoming more a more reliable; however, system drives still fail without a decent warning. One minute you are working on a key project and the next minute it is toast!  Other dreaded occurrences are viruses that can corrupt data and bog down your desktop. In case of a drive failure it could become expensive or impossible to retrieve your data and when you have a virus most technicians will advise you to wipe your hard drive clean and reinstall everything.

Being responsible and backing up your data can give you self-confidence as well improve customer satisfaction and confidence. Both employees and customers will be grateful for the peace of mind that comes with the protection of a backup. You could consider this an investment for your business. Think about   amount of money and grief it can save the very first time it needs to be used and saves the day!  Backing up your records is just one Information Technology benefit any business can enjoy. Another feature of some backup systems is the capability of sorting and organizing backup data. This allows you to easily refer to and restore original files and programs that have been deleted or misplaced as a result of human error.

Having a total system and data protection backup solution that combines ease-of-use with robust performance, allows you to perform fast backup and recovery jobs, protects your desktops, laptops, and protects your networked systems against various types of threats such as system failure, human error, and disasters.

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