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What will Facebook do Next? Facebook Cloud?

Speculation is swirling over a web discussion that Facebook is about to enter the cloud services business.

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Facebook already has one of the largest and most sophisticated Data Center footprints in the world.  Its technical team is outstanding and its sourcing strategy to develop their own things is highly effective at wringing every last penny out of suppliers. Facebook is as well positioned as the likes of Amazon or Google, if not better, to become the global leader in Cloud services. It seems obvious for it to leverage that expertise and cost leadership to compete in an extremely fast growing and profitable market. The following table highlights that competitors in this space have significantly higher multiples than Facebook, and therefore this also offers a multiple expansion opportunity.  This of course is a residential answer to secure your personal info;  should your business look to the cloud, TBNG still highly recommends the Barracuda Backup Server, and can set you up with a risk free trial today.

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