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Security Issues Escalate as BYOD Trend Grows

You probably know what BYOB means…. But do you know what BYOD means? It stands for Bring Your Own Device! This is a trend where employees or students bring and use their own cellular devices at their place of work. While this naturally results in security issues for employers, some argue this actually improves productivity.

The ‘Mobile Security Strategies: Threats, Solutions & Market Forecasts 2012-2017’ report found that while this trend can bring productivity benefits to businesses, it also poses potential security risks. The report states that the majority of phones and smart devices being utilized today do not take advantage of available security applications, possibly leaving organizations vulnerable.

Companies that are starting to rely on BYOD technologies are now tasked with developing internal policies and procedures to ensure a secure network environment. For example, IT administrators need to know what actions to take if a device is lost or stolen, or how to handle employee termination scenarios. To that end, there are several areas that employers need to address. Among these concerns are how to properly segregate your network, who provides support, and who is responsible for maintenance, application deployment, and patch management.

In order to implement any successful BYOD program be sure to have representation and synergy among all IT, business teams and decision makers. Involve all of these departments to ensure this initiative is successful by addressing security issues, support, costs and responsibilities.

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