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Are Your Passwords Secure?

On a typical day, the majority of us encounter many websites that require passwords; banks, email, stores, etc.  These passwords are put in place to protect us, but are they?  The question everyone asks themselves, are my passwords secure?

A common practice is to set up the same passwords for each site to make it easier to remember. With that you don’t have to keep going through the “forgot password” process over and over again.  The issue that arises in doing this, however, is that it makes it much easier for hackers to access your personal information.  It is incredibly easy to get hacked. Much easier than you would even want to think about.  The key is to create a strong password that makes it hard for a hacker to crack.

Many factors come into place for creating a strong password.  Start with having more than 6 characters.  It can be irritating to remember and to type, but harder for those malicious to capture.  Use upper and lower case letters and add some letters and/or symbols.  Try to change your password as regularly as possible, preferably once every 90 days. And as stated above, do your best to not use the same password for every site nor words related directly to you, such as your name, the name of a child, dog, etc.

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