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How Much Downtime Costs?

The ability to recover data promptly and bring systems back online following a failure is of the utmost importance for today’s businesses. Users and customers alike demand the 24-hour business day, limiting the amount of downtime available to perform regular data backup procedures. With just minutes of downtime posing significant consequences to many types of organizations, a solid business continuity platform cannot be avoided.

Regardless of size, protecting vital information is critical to an organization’s survival.  Recent studies show that 93 percent of organizations that lose data because of a disaster go out of business within just two years. With technology advancing as quickly as it has and the increased digitization of all our information, data backup and recovery plans have become imperative. Unforeseen loss of sensitive data, database corruption, hardware crashes, human error and natural calamities can jeopardize an organization both financially and legally. Regardless of the size of your company, it is extremely important to have a reliable backup plan in case there is a need for immediate recovery of data.

TBNG Consulting provides solutions that can help keep your data redundant and protected by utilizing a hybrid of cloud and on-site services.   From client feedback, we believe the combination of these backup approaches to be the most effective, allowing freedom from manual and complex tape backup tasks, more predictable costs for budgeting, and most importantly a more reliable data recovery procedure.  As with any solution however, proper testing for various scenarios is highly encouraged.

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