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Structured Cabling & Your Network Project

TBNG Consulting provides clients with many flavors of custom network projects, such as local and wide area networking upgrades, UTM installation, Active Directory infrastructure work, wireless, Exchange 2010 migrations, etc.  In several instances, these projects rely solely on the client’s ability to provide clean and organized structure wire paths to compliment the data layer.  As engineers, we rely solely on this physical plant - OSI Model Layer-1.  If the structured cabling is lacking it severely impacts progress; in New England parlance “…you can’t get there from here.”

Structured cabling is often run through ceilings and walls, clearly out of sight and subsequently out of mind.  Perhaps the best analogy is that of the football offensive linemen – no quarterback can make plays without lineman.  Nonetheless, many organizations fail to review or upgrade this critical wiring.  With the advent of higher transmission rates, e.g. 10Gigabyte, new wiring is required, such as TIA standards Category 6/6A. This new cooper based twisted pair wiring provides for better performance by eliminating cross-talk and improving signal/noise ratio.

TBNG Consulting suggests reviewing your critical paths, specifically between wiring closets (IDF to MDF) and servers to help improve performance.  Second, as most organizations have organically implemented wiring infrastructure, new wiring greatly assists with wire identifications, patch cable concentration, and better troubleshooting with the goal of attaining 99.9% uptime in your organization.

Structure cabling – the unsung hero of network engineering everywhere. TBNG Consulting provides structured cabling solutions for your organization.  Contact us today, at or at 855-512-4817, for additional information.

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