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Blackout in India - What is your DR Strategy?

New York….Toronto…India….How has your business prepared for such a disaster?

The largest blackout in history, with more than 600 million people without power, is a stark reminder that your business functions on continuity (not to mention electricity).   Tuesday’s blackout, which hit the northern and eastern parts of the country, brought more than 500 trains screeching to a halt, left thousands of passengers stuck for nearly an hour inside the capital’s Metro line and trapped more than 200 miners underground.  While most major industries were able to switch to generators, thousands are still without power, and businesses are losing millions of dollars because they didn’t properly secure their data in an offsite capacity. 

TBNG Consulting is a top partner with Barracuda, supplying the Barracuda Backup and Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall for instances just like this.  The Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall, in the event of a power failure such as this, allows you to not miss an email for up to 96 hours by storing it in the cloud until you are back up and running.  The Barracuda Backup combines on-site and remote data backup that syncs, offering both the speed of restoring from an on-site source, and the safety of having a backup off site in case a massive power outage, fire, or other disaster.

Contact TBNG Consulting today, at or at 855-512-4817, for a free consultation and a free 30 day trial of the Barracuda products.

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