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Hurricane Sandy Review - Generators Rule

Super Storm Sandy wreaked havoc across the entire Eastern US seaboard Halloween week of 2012.  Aside from the enormous path of destruction and storm related deaths, wide spread power outages continue to plague the greater tri-state area, particularly the New York boroughs, Long Island, New Jersey and costal Connecticut.    Electrical power: it’s the essential ingredient for keeping households and businesses physically operational. 

Enter generators. Particularly stand-by generators that are wired with auto-sensing transfer kits on dedicated sub-panels.  Those businesses that invested in stand-by power generation prior to this storm continued to operate irrespective of the electrical grid’s damage.  Consider the fact that the National Federation of Independent Business reports that some 30% of small businesses will experience a natural disaster (case proven).  In conjunction with good planning and a solid information technology platform, stand-by generators can help reduce down-time and protect your company’s operational effectiveness.

Prior to this freakish storm, small businesses (fewer than 100 employees) would argue that stand-by power generation was not worth the investment.  Often times, clients would say “…we never lose power, why bother?”  Or “…it’s too expensive to consider.” 

Based on this most recent weather experience, small business should be looking to protect their operations from both short and long term power outages as the price of a generator solution can be very reasonable.  Most important, small business owners should be asking themselves this question:  Is my competitor better prepared than me?

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