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How to Create an Archive folder in MS Outlook

An inbox crammed with emails is incredibly stressful. Each email is like a monkey on your back, albeit a small one. After a while, it can build up, and before you know it, you're overloaded but some of these emails are very important and you don’t want to just delete them.

One of the ways to save your emails is to manually Archive them into a PST (offline mail store) file.

 To create this file you will need to

1.     Click on the file tab in your outlook.

2.     Click on Account Settings and from the drop down box click on Account settings again

 From the Account settings pop up window

 3.     Click on the Data Files Tab then hit the add button


Choose where the file goes, and then hit “OK”.

On your Outlook home page you will now have a new option or folder called “My Outlook Data File” this is your new offline email PST file where you are now able to organize your mail. You can also create sub-folders within this new Data file by right clicking over “My Outlook Data file” choosing new folder from drop down box same as any other folder in your inbox.

 This may not a perfect solution to clear and organize your mail but it does give you a good option to help save space on your email account by creating this offline file. Some warnings you have to be aware of is that the file is usually stored on your hard drive and if your device crashes you could lose the PST file also there are space limits to the PST and going over that limit could cause data corruptions and again loss of data.  You can read more on that here:

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