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TBNG Consulting Business Driver: FTG Financial

When TBNG Consulting established our business idea back in 2002, our team needed some strategic guidance and oversight from a business professional.  Specifically, we sought someone to provide both fiscal and organizational analysis to validate our business models and lead our road-map discussions.  Irrespective of your industry, it is crucial to obtain such third party input to help keep the management team focused and business models refined.  Enter Gary Mullin at FTG Financial, LLC.

Gary works with private, public & non-profit organizations to accelerate financial change. FTG acts as consultants, advisors and coaches to business owners and executives in building business value, improving cash flow, increasing operational efficiency, and breaking through barriers to success.  Gary is a specialist in helping profit & not for profit companies understand and maximize value.

FTG has been instrumental in helping the TBNG Consulting management team increase its strategic value and bolster its financial operations in areas such as cash flow analysis, sales management and resource planning.  FTG uses a comprehensive assessment method to identify where value can be improved in every aspect of the business.  These types of engagement tools have really helped to improve our value over an extended period of time while understanding current market conditions.

Whether you are preparing to sell your company, take on an investor, or want to improve your business value over an extended period of time, FTG Financial help. Contact Gary Mullin for more information and a complimentary consultation.

FTG Financial, LLC
150 Northrop Road • Woodbridge, CT 06525

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