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Three Reasons the Dell VTRX May Be Right For Your Small Business

If you are looking for a powerful, easy-to-manage platform designed to grow with your small to midsized business, the Dell PowerEdge VTRX is designed for you. The VTRX brings together your network servers, storage, and network management into a single unit to optimize and consolidate your business applications.Dell VTRX

  1. Are you looking for a faster server?
    Installation of a VRTX server can help you increase your application response times, run multiple applications that need performance or low latency and power through peak processing periods. The server is designed to be scalable to accommodate your future business growth and is also suitable for remote or branch offices of larger business enterprises.
  2. Do you want to simplify systems administration and control?
    The VTRX is a full-functioned unified system management that takes much of the time and effort out of systems administration and control. You can deploy, monitor, update and maintain the VTRX through a unified browser-based console that covers servers, storage and networking. Embedded management in the VRTX platform allows IT administrators to manage this Dell hardware in physical, virtual, local, and remote environments, and gives the choice of managing the system out-of-band, completely agent-free, or in-band with or without a systems management software agent installed.
  3. Do you want to stream-line your servers, storage and networking?
    The VRTX is designed to bring order to chaos surrounding your system. Say goodbye to disparate hardware, multiple management tools, and hardware sprawl as the VRTX offers an optimized platform that integrates up to four PowerEdge M-series server nodes, storage, networking, and management into a compact 5U chassis. The system is designed to scale up to meet the needs of your growing business - additional servers and hard drives can be inserted in the chassis without the need for more floor space or rack space, and without any additional cables.

With the VRTX, Dell offers an integrated IT solution that is optimized for office environments. The VTRX simplifies your network infrastructure while meeting the needs of small to midsized businesses.

Jeff Grande

Written by Jeff Grande

Jeff Grande is the Director of Sales and Founder at TBNG Consulting.


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