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Brocade ICX 6450 Switch Upgrade Steps

Sometimes upgrading network appliance firmware/image code can be problematic. Each vendor has a proprietary methodology of upgrade the boot and image codes and yet a single misstep can render the device useless.

Brocade ICX 6450 Switches provide simplified, standards-based management capabilities that help reduce administrative time and effort while securing your network.

Brocade ICX 6450 Network resized 600

Bracade ICX 6450

As a Brocade Elite partner, we stay current on software release notes. To this end, here’s a handy and simple step-by-step reference guide to upgrading the Brocade ICX 6450 switch:

Step #1 - configure switch to be on same network as PC for TFTP server access.  In this case, we are using default VLAN 1 and keeping all switches the same IP address:

  • ICX6450-48P Switch>en
  • No password has been assigned yet...
  • ICX6450-48P Switch#config t
  • ICX6450-48P Switch(config)#vlan 1
  • ICX6450-48P Switch(config-vlan-1)#ip address
  • ICX6450-48P Switch(config-vlan-1)#exit
  • ICX6450-48P Switch(config)#exit
  • ICX6450-48P Switch#ping
  • Sending 1, 16-byte ICMP Echo pingto, timeout 5000 msec, TTL 64
  • Type Control-c to abort
  • Request timed out.
  • No reply from remote host.
  • ICX6450-48P Switch#ping
  • Sending 1, 16-byte ICMP Echo to, timeout 5000 msec, TTL 64
  • Type Control-c to abort
  • Reply from     : bytes=16 time=1ms TTL=128
  • Success rate is 100 percent (1/1), round-trip min/avg/max=1/1/1 ms.
  • ICX6450-48P Switch#

Step #2 - TFTP up BootROM code:

  • ICX6450-48P Switch#copy tftp flash kxz07401.bin bootrom

Step #3 - erase flash to load in new image:

  • ICX6450-48P Switch#erase flash primary
  • Erase flash Done.
  • ICX6450-48P Switch#erase flash secondary
  • Erase flash Done.

Step #4 - Change directory on your TFTP server setting now to point to IMAGE directory

Step #5 - TFTP up image files:

  • ICX6450-48P Switch#copy tftp flash ICX64R07400d.bin primary

Step #6 - Make Primary Flash boot:

  • ICX6450-48P Switch#config t
  • ICX6450-48P Switch(config)#boot sys flash prim
  • ICX6450-48P Switch(config)#exit
  • ICX6450-48P Switch#wr mem
  • ICX6450-48P Switch#reload

Step #7 – Run a show version from ICX6450 prompt to check your version information.

Should you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact TBNG Consulting at or at 855-512-4817.


Jeff Grande

Written by Jeff Grande

Jeff Grande is the Director of Sales and Founder at TBNG Consulting.


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