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9 steps to correcting a Windows Server 2012 0xc00002e2 Error

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Ah, the blue screen of death or “BSOD” as it commonly referred to in the IT industry. Obviously BSODs are never a welcomed event and is often rooted with a driver or hardware issue. But every now and again, the BSOD can represent a deeply rooted issue, intertwined with the active directory (“AD”) magic. Windows Server 2012 0xc00002e2 error is an example of such a nightmare.     

Sometimes an abrupt loss of power or communications failure can corrupt the Active Directory services database. AD utilizes Lightweight Directory Access Protocol in conjunction with a variety of other crucial network application services such as DNS, Kerberos, etc. Any interruption to these sub-systems wreaks havoc.

To this end, here’s a handy and simple step-by-step reference guide to help your recovery efforts with a BSOD error code 0xc00002e2 on a Domain Controller running Microsoft Windows Server 2012:

  1. First, boot the server into directory services restore mode:

  2. Next, remove the domain controller function; if you are familiar with Power Shell run: Uninstall-ADDSDomainController.

  3. Seize FSMO roles if needed; roles may already be shared out amongst other member servers.

  4. Reboot and log in with local user account.

  5. Next, uninstall DNS: 

  6. Next, uninstall Active Directory role from the server (this is different from step # 2); you might prefer to do this from the server manager.

  7. Clean Active Directory via Active Directory Sites and Services, Computer Accounts, etc. Delete the server from sites and services, remove computer account, and make sure replication occurs to all other DC’s. You might be familiar with ADSI Edit tool that can do this job as well. 

  8. Rejoin the machine to the domain. 

  9. Promote it again to a Domain Controller via DCPROMO.

Jeff Tagliatela

Written by Jeff Tagliatela


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