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The Help Desk: the Front Line of IT Support

The Help Desk is a critical resource for any modern organization as it provides technical support and information about a company’s IT infrastructure to its employees and other end users. A well-designed Help Desk provides a convenient and single point of contact where users can receive troubleshooting assistance, solutions for known errors, and general knowledge of computer and networking systems.

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Real Time Information

At TBNG Consulting, our Help Desk system employs tools and procedures that keep us organized and informed at all times. We receive real-time information, which enables remediation to begin promptly once a client submits a Help Desk ticket.

Speed, Focus & Productivity

Speed, focus and productivity are top priorities most companies who want to remain competitive. Thousands of successfully resolved tickets have given us great insight into what makes a Help Desk operate smoothly and effectively. This insight enables our customers to focus on running their own business and doing what they do best, instead of trying to solve the myriad of possible IT issues might hinder operations.

Streamlining The Process

An effective and streamlined ticketing process is crucial to a Help Desk’s success. At a quick glance, our management software gives technicians and other service members a practical summary of all the tickets we are currently working on. It also keeps customers in the loop by allowing them to check the status of their ticket, read technical notes, and interface directly with technicians and engineers.

Staying Ahead Of The Curve

Every organization is constrained by having a limited amount time and resources at their disposal. Our Help Desk software provides a large and diverse dataset which, when analyzed, allows us to see specific trends. We use this dataset to our client’s advantage by identifying issues that arise from a specific hardware configuration or tracking the destructive path of a new malware threat. By identifying threats and preventing data losses early-on, our clients can maximize their time focused on running their business.

Continuous Improvement Through Client Feedback

In measuring our performance, raw numbers are not enough.  We use qualitative data to get an accurate reading of how our Help Desk is doing. Since our Help Desk is the most common point of contact with our clients, it is crucial to identify and alleviate any concerns they may have. We survey our end users to hear their thoughts on our services and the quality of our technicians. While we handle a majority of tickets remotely, being onsite gives us a valuable opportunity to communicate directly with our users and further enriches our relationship.

Sharing Our Knowledge Base

Providing education and training for our end users provides “self-service” functions such as a password reset, and building familiarity with the tools they use on a daily basis.

  Logging In To The Client Portal                           Creating A Ticket In The Client Portal  

Proper documentation of a resolution is essential as long as it is easy for everyone to understand. We’ve found that by minimizing IT jargon in explaining solutions, knowledge and productivity improves for everyone.

A strong Help Desk team can operate proactively if it adapts and evolves with the technology it supports. By sharing our knowledge of problems and solutions among our team, we grow our collective knowledge at a faster rate - preventing similar problems from occurring in the future. 

Nessad Choudhury

Written by Nessad Choudhury


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