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Are Hackers Targeting Your School?

Cyber Security is often promoted throughout our K-12 school landscape in terms of web-filtering or social media awareness (e.g. anti-bullying campaigns).  The efforts of the aforementioned no doubt protect students from nefarious elements and allow educators and administrators a view into the “electronic school yard.”   However, K-12 networks and the vast amount of personal data they store can be an inviting target for black-hat hackers.  With the onslaught of shrinking municipal budgets coupled with over-worked or reduced IT staff, network security best practices can sometimes take a back seat on the proverbial technology bus.


TBNG Consulting recently sponsored the keynote speaker (Mr. Mark Drasch) at the Connecticut Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) 2018 Technology Exhibitor Showcase on April 18, 2018.  Mr. Drasch addressed various aspects for how schools (public and private) are responsible for building and maintaining the proper cyber security safe guards to protect student and employee data in our K-12 systems and the compliance relating to national standards such as FERPA, COOPA and NIST:


The modern school IT director is responsible not only for ensuring that the IT infrastructure works, but that it works securely.  The unique nature of the K-12 environment, frequently with hundreds if not thousands of individuals with authorized access, and the unique threats to privacy and security present compliance and security challenges for IT directors (Mark Drasch).


As a network security integration leader in the Southern New England region, TBNG Consulting provides best practice solutions for our public and private clients.  In particular, our K-12 support teams have been integrating various network security fabrics to better protect schools and provide insight tools to monitor, track, and defend school networks.

Jeff Grande

Written by Jeff Grande

Jeff Grande is the Director of Sales and Founder at TBNG Consulting.


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