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How Secure is Your Network Perimeter?

Running a small business has become a much more complicated process in the 21st century global marketplace where the margin for error between tremendous success and crushing bankruptcy is razor thin. The lifeblood of any business is information.  Providing the necessary network infrastructure and security ensures optimal efficiencies while protecting your crucial data.


What are the top 3 concerns of  small business owners today?

  1. Cyber Security and Compliance
  2. Business Interruption
  3. Managing data and digital resources

Even if your business utilizes a firewall, you may likely have zero insight to what’s passing through your network on a daily basis, e.g.  botnets, viruses, malware, trojans, etc. 


To stay ahead of network security threats, we are launching a new Cyber Threat Awareness Program (CTAP).  As Connecticut’s Fortinet Platinum Partner, our team of Fortinet certified engineers can implement a CTAP behind your current firewall solution to provide you with detailed insight on your perimeter security stance.


Our Cyber Threat Awareness Program Identifies Risks

Our program validates and verifies network security strength and accuracy, application and web usage efficiency, and bandwidth and session utilization performance.  We will employ a FortiGate security appliance to monitor key indicators within your network and after the evaluation you will receive a comprehensive Cyber Threat Awareness Report outlining three primary areas of importance: 

  1. Security and Threat Prevention – Understand application vulnerability gaps and what are the risks of all the devices within your network.
  2. User Productivity – Realize the true value of applications within your network: peer to peer, social media, instant messaging, etc.
  3. Network Utilization and Performance – Recognize the real throughput cost based on peak hour session and bandwidth requirements.

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  1. It’s Fast - FortiGate monitoring takes 7 days or less.
  2. It’s Easy - No interruption of your network or business processes.
  3. It’s Free - No signed agreements or cut purchase orders.

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Jeff Grande

Written by Jeff Grande

Jeff Grande is the Director of Sales and Founder at TBNG Consulting.


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