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Is Your Network Exposed to Cyber Attack?

When it comes to cyber threat vulnerability, the odds are stacked against you. Organizations that survive and thrive understand their network security needs and prioritize the following:

  • Digital and Mobile Security.
  • Proper Allocation of Resources.
  • Real Performance of Applications.

Our security partner, Fortinet, has unveiled a new solution dedicated to identifying network threats:
The Cyber Threat Assessment Program. Our short video explains how it works:





Change is difficult, but necessary to survive and the CTAP Program makes it easy and affordable.

  • Register for a FREE Assessment at
  • Our experts employ a FortiGate to monitor your Network.
  • The FortiGate appliance collects Network Logs for up to 7 Days.
  • A comprehensive Cyber Threat Assessment is prepared and reviewed with you by our experts.

The Cyber Threat Assessment Report provides key network and data insights into your network in the following areas:




  1. Security and Threat Prevention – Understand application vulnerabilities and the risks associated with all of the devices within your network.
  2. User Productivity – Realize the true value of applications within your network: peer to peer, social media, instant messaging, etc.
  3. Network Utilization and Performance – Recognize the real throughput cost based on peak hour session and bandwidth requirements. 


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Jeff Grande

Written by Jeff Grande

Jeff Grande is the Director of Sales and Founder at TBNG Consulting.


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