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Musings of an IT Guy (IT’s Blogtober)

Being an Information Technology professional is an exciting career—you never know what each day might bring. Your day might be full of unexpected disruptors, such as abruptly managing a remote workforce (Hello Covid19!) or handling a sudden breach in security. However, it also brings abundant opportunities and a wide range of options for learning new skills as technology rapidly advances. The industry provides scores of professional certifications to help you rise through the ranks and grow your skillset and your salary.  


The IT industry has a high degree of job satisfaction; 72% of information technology services professionals “said they were satisfied with their job, and 49% said they find that their job makes the world a better place or helps to make someone else’s life better.” So what reflections do the people who do this critical work have to offer?


What’s my day going to look like today? 

A day in the life of an IT manager involves a multitude of small things that can have significant implications, such as backing up systems and staying updated on cybersecurity incident readiness plans. IT managers spend their time planning, directing, and coordinating activities for information systems, data processing, and computer programming. They are the unsung heroes of implementing and enabling business processes. However, any given day can be suddenly disrupted by one user’s inability to follow the process or security best practices.  Therefore, a lot of deliberation and thought goes into being incident-ready and ensuring that compliances are met.


What advice would I give both personal and business computer users? 

The single most relevant piece of advice from an IT expert to clients in their managed services roster is simply three words: back it up! Know where your data lives! Tools like redirected home folders, cloud storage, all useless in the hands of “power” users. Ill-formed habits, usually by those most technical, result in data loss more often than not. How many times have I heard, “I’ve always stored all the files I need on my desktop.” or one of my favorites, “I use my outlook’s deleted items as storage for an email I need to keep.” As one IT manager said, “Never trust the magic!” Computers are miracle machines that make magic happen, that can do work that once took a week in nanoseconds, that can transport you to marvelous places, and put infinite amounts of information and knowledge at your fingertips in the blink of an eye. But they are still mechanical devices in their very essence, and you never know what might happen to make the magic suddenly end. So know where your data is and back it up. 


What’s our new client’s current IT plan? 

When helping businesses align their computing networks and information systems with their business, the first and most significant question we ask is, what strategic goals do you have in place for functionality, protection, maintenance, and growth? Some folks see this as a one-year, three-year, perhaps even a five-year technology plan. What we find more often than not, even mid-sized companies with an IT budget operate rather piecemeal, adding a new laptop here and a new anti-virus program there. Companies that lack a cohesive and comprehensive plan make easier targets. Information Technology continues to advance. As a result, businesses that align technology have a distinct advantage over their competitors, who may still view IT as a cost center. The information revolution has also brought challenges, and vulnerabilities never dreamed of. Working with a trusted partner delivers a strategy for long-term success while taking care of those daily issues. That’s what IT professionals do; we do what we do, so you can do what you do and succeed.


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