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Putting out Fires at Generations OB/GYN with Help Desk 2.0

Every business community can be a wellspring of experience, partnership, reliability, and security that drives stability and success from generation to generation. These values endure because of the support service companies that enable businesses to overcome 21st century challenges and prevail against unforeseen disasters. Welcome to Help Desk 2.0.Generations OB/GYN is a community business with 4 locations, 50+ employees and a long and rich tradition of caring for women through the evolution of medical techniques, technology, and nurturing principles rooted in the foundation of their practice. TBNG Consulting provides operational, customer, and disaster recovery services which enables Generations OB/GYN to grow and thrive in the community.

In an operational capacity, TBNG Consulting supports Generations OB/GYN network infrastructure and provides daily access to a team of engineers and technicians who remediate all issues, regardless of their size or nature. Proactively, networks are monitored for any potential challenges on the horizon and servers are updated without any impact to the daily workload. TBNG Consulting documents all team work activity and has at least one engineer on-call after hours because business emergencies don’t run on a 9-5 schedule.

TBNG Consulting responds to all customer network or service degradation issues within 6 hours and solves issues within 2-4 hours of creating a case, but customer service is more than addressing present day challenges. We pride our service on our communication with our clients and through network usage observation and understanding productivity goals, TBNG Consulting prepares clients to solve future challenges and meet the needs of a modern and global business.

All businesses experience a disaster recovery moment of importance where longevity and survival are the difference between network support today or tomorrow. Over a winter weekend, a massive fire destroyed the main headquarters of Generations OB/GYN, where all the critical servers and network infrastructure were hosted on-site. Miraculously, the infrastructure was intact but smoke damaged and the business was in ruins.

Generations OB/GYN placed a call at 10am on Sunday, Jan 5th, 2016 informing the team of the fire and requesting assistance. TBNG Consulting responded with the following:
  • Immediate deployment of an on-site team including multiple engineers, sales team, partners, and family members.
  • On-site response time of less than 2 hours.
  • Network infrastructure was brought to the TBNG Consulting data center and the entire network was hosted - Domain controllers, Mail, SQL servers, File servers, and RDP servers.
  • Smoke remediation and cleaning of all network infrastructure at the TBNG Consulting data center.
  • Redployment of all network infrastructure equipment at Generations OB/GYN site.
  • Generations OB/GYN was up and running at full operation from remote offices the next day in less than 24 hours from the initial call requesting assistance

TBNG Consulting believes that business is the lifeblood of a community and we go the extra mile to help you win the day, even if we have to put ourselves in the line of fire.

Carol Heenan, General Manager from Generations OB/GYN "You should be proud! TBNG was phenomenal in getting us up and running after the fire!"


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Lou Ardolino

Written by Lou Ardolino

Louis Ardolino is the VP of Client Services at TBNG Consulting.


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