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Are Hackers, Breaches, and Litigation In Your Business Plan?

Through the passage of time, doctors have wielded incredible power to heal, comfort, and institute change to improve the quality of our lives. In the last 25 years, they have created an artificial heart, mapped the human genome, and harnessed the power of information technology. Digital access of critical data, vital records, and important research have led to improved safety, better care, and the ability to instantly interact with other physicians, caregivers, and hospitals when every second counts.

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How to configure IPsec VPN connection on a Fortigate UTM appliance

Virtual Private Networking (“VPN”) is a cost effective and secure method for site to site connectivity without the use of client software. Fortinet Fortigate UTM appliances provide IPSec (as well as SSL VPN) “out of the box”. Specifically, IPSec Tunnels can be triggered via firewall rules based policies or interface mode. Interface mode is a more sophisticated and flexible method of providing connectivity between sites due in large part to its seamless integration into the Fortigate’s routing table.

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