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Top Ten Tips Before You Call the Help Desk

Here’s a likely scenario: 

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7 Key Steps to Prevent Getting Hacked

There are seven key steps you can take to prevent getting hacked:

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How to Downgrade Windows 8 to Windows 7 Without Breaking the Bank

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Windows 8 for Business Customers?

As an elite Microsoft partner, TBNG Consulting has received several product announcements from Microsoft, regarding Windows 8.  Now that Microsoft has unveiled Windows 8 RTM there are many asking questions about how Windows 8 will fare in business and enterprise workplaces. Here are a few of the most touted improvements in Windows 8:

Windows from USB - Windows 8 includes the ability to run itself from a USB. Windows To Go will allow businesses to supply end users with a USB copy of their operating system, business apps, data and settings. End users can simply plug the USB into any regular desktop or laptop and Windows 8 will boot from the USB with all the users settings intact.

AD Integration - Microsoft has made several improvements to Windows 8 deployment methods. IT pros can enable pre-encryption of computers at the time of deployment and enable users to create a PIN during their first use of the system. Microsoft’s Active Directory-based activation improvements mean that a user’s identity can be used to activate a Windows 8 computer. IT pros can also deploy multiple languages in a single image of Windows 8.

PC Restore - Windows 8 includes a number of options to restore a PC to its original state. There’s a basic reset option which will allow users to restart fresh while keeping all of their documents, accounts, personal settings and Windows Store Apps. Windows 8 also includes a complete reset option which will restore the PC to an original state with a fresh operating system image.

So just when we got used to using Windows 7, it’s already time to embrace the change.

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