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Up, Up & Away! Send Your Email to the Cloud, It’s Safer Up There!

What exactly is cloud-based email?


Let’s start with the basics. Simply defined, cloud-based email uses a third-party hosting service to process your email, just like any other cloud computing service you already use. You probably use several cloud-based services on any given workday to improve your workflows—think, Trello, or Asana for project management, Slack or Google Hangouts for messaging, or CRMs like Hubspot or SalesForce. Cloud email works in the same way.


Email is the most utilized cloud service in the world (second only to social networks and texting), and it allows your business the ability to email and connect with colleagues through the internet even if your internal server fails. In addition, using a cloud-hosted rather than the workplace-hosted email exchange gives employees the power to email from anywhere in the world, any time, day, or night. This is immeasurably helpful for staff who work from home or travel frequently. It also provides your company with the tools to receive, send, and store email messages with the essential spam and virus filtering security needed to prevent data compromise.


What are the benefits of cloud-based email?


  • It’s Convenient

Using cloud-based email hosting lets you check your email from multiple devices. You can send, receive, and organize emails from your computer, phone, or tablet anytime— all you need is internet access to stay on top of your inbox.


  • It’s Cost-Effective

Using a cloud email service lets your company save money on implementing and maintaining your platform. Rather than carry the cost of an in-house email server, you can cover all your needs with one subscription service.


  • It’s More Secure

In today’s spam and virus-ridden environment, the peace of mind cybersecurity offers is priceless. Cloud email security is one of the most highly touted benefits of cloud-based email providers. Using a service provider gives your company access to the most up-to-date security tools and extensive protocols that your business might not have otherwise.


  • It Will Grow with your Business

Growing your business is always a goal. With cloud email hosting, your communications systems stay nimble and deliver seamless transitions as you connect more and more email accounts to your network. Knowing that the cloud will keep pace with your growth ensures that you can stay focused on doing business.


  • It Makes it Disaster-Recovery Easier

Nobody wants to think about it, but everyone needs to be response-ready as new viruses and malware continuously come into play. Natural disasters can also wreak havoc if headquarter equipment is lost or damaged, especially on a large scale. Recovering lost data becomes far more possible because cloud email consistently backs up and stores messages, contacts, and other information stored in your cloud email archive system.

Moving your email from an on-premise administrator to a cloud-based server is a good idea for all the reasons outlined above. Plus, as Taylor Howe, Senior Engineer at TBNG states, “recent vulnerabilities and attacks have reinvigorated many company’s appetites for cloud services, specifically moving email...” There are great choices and options available for cloud-based email that will fit your company’s size and needs. From an IT standpoint, it’s one of the simplest ways to add security to your computer network and to keep your communications running smoothly—it’s definitely worth the switch.


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